Wednesday, March 23, 2011


okkkkkaaaaaaayyy so its been 3 months since my last post, but who's counting anyways. so at this very moment, im in holland! yes, the beautiful lowlands of milkladys, legal grass and a language i dont understand. yes sirree, i did amsterdam oh too well i dont even remember most of it. went thru the amsterdam checklist of the obvious :-weed(check), spacecakes(soon), sex museum(soon), weed museum(yes), complain about the cold(check), toothbrush(shit).

im travelling with the very talented jeremy tan of think tattoos singapore, im just taggin along like a sock. we did the Rotterdam tattoo convention frmo the 12th-13th of march, set up by the amazing andy of bonzai tattoo(NL). we got in 2 days before that into amsterdam. 7hours to dubai for a connecting flight, we spent a nite in dubai, another world i almost forgot to mention. i would promise a separate post on dubai but i know too well it wont happen.

soo, dubai was great. sand on every corner it felt like a tintin adventure, i was hoping to see a legit old sand-kneegrow on a magic carpet and a talking camel but i was put back to my place straight after asking the first, second, third, fourth person consequtively i saw in the airport for directions, a FILIPINO! it was filled with FILIPINOS i wud believe if i got on the wrong plane. it was good. well again, im obviously exagerrating but who's counting. so yes we spent a good 24hours there, put on our generic japanese tourist outfit with a canon camera strap, lost as fuck, and roamed aimlessly thru the arabic streets. it was beautiful, went to the biggest mall in the world. saw the biggest Carrefour superstore, was pretty stoked. and had malaysian food. yes, good ol nasi kandang. went to this ridiculously luxurious resort world thing with sharks in an aquarium ready to be eaten. so that was dubai. i shall post pictures when i get the urge to go thru my memory card.

now back to the netherlands. we're currently guest working in tattoo parlor in OSS, which is a 45 minutes drive out of rotterdam, called Ace of spades tattoos. real nice decent shop in the heart of a small town, everyone knows each other, turkish spices everywhere. i swear to god the next time i eat frikandelle, fries or shoarma, i wud fart vegetable oil and shit out a pig in all four limbs. for the first time in my life, i am craving chinese food so bad i wud actually cry. yes.

so its the 11th day of our european venture, another 30+days to go. next we head off to belgium for the ANTWERP convention from april 2nd to 3rd. then to germany for the ink xplosion convention in munchengladbach, then the international frankfurt convention. but first, this weekend, amsterdam again!! you know, for next!!

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  1. Hi Joeeee!! if I'd known that you liked chinese food, I have had asked you to come and eat with us!! Thanks anyways for my lovely tattoo!! hihih Iloveit <3 xx