Wednesday, July 21, 2010


quick update! we just finished recording our 2 track for the split 7" with driven fear "PALE FATE"!! layed down the vocals yesterday at TNT with ahboy, anddd we're all damnn siked about it. gonna be sending it for mastering in brisbane together with driven fears., so hopefully everything goes well to be realesed during our tour in september. of tour dates and updates. mark your calendars for those who has fuck all to do.

andd also tattooed this on sunday, not the biggest space but fun fun fun.

so its 4 more days in singapore, and 7 days to adelaide, progression tattoo!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mano e mano.

abc backpackers is the shizzle! been in singapore for the past week, been working like a dawggg but im not complaining. altho my back is giving me hitler treatment and being 23 to nag about this is a definite back problem future for me, scary. its time for some good old chinese massage, and a strict posture while working. first the eyesight, now the back, what next?...beard? YES! fuck reality because i cant grow one, and if there is a god, well my dna didnt come in good terms with em.

i need new jeans! travelling really has its toll on my clothes. i've lost too many shit over the past few months. gotta set things straight with my washing! so yeah, im super lazy to blab about the last week or so, altho we took a trip up to genting highlands, cold cold night. had crusty fried pork and starbucks. oh yeah life is good when your friends drive super fast cars and treat every minute on the road as a scene from tokyo drift. im not into fast cars, so you get the idea of how i was holding on to my life. TRUCK!!! haaaahh. worldcup is over, yesss!! tristan is a month older! and im really sinking into the abyss of not being the best father for not being there for em. but it'll all pay off oneday! sorry son.

so some new work to feast you pervy eyes;

i dont do much portraits but this was an eye-fuck!. based on the original painting with all the etchings.

kurts's owl-dagger. started about a month ago, and still has 1 more session to finish off. you cant hate me too much now kurt, haha.

and i started julian's leg piece, off a fallen king crown sitting on top of a broken mirror stabbing into a rose to unfold its true abyss of its roots. really stoked on this one. he's coming in this weekend to get it finished hopefully.


Monday, July 5, 2010

coo-allah-loom-puor. yes folks, im still here.

heres a quick post update, still in kl, moved to a much much further townhouse( le fotos soon!) hence the future extensive rants about taxi drivers in KL, watched 'the crazies' which was disappointing. i mean the idea behind the movie was althou over-done, it was pretty good. acting almost as bad as 'the happening', gore scenes are the equivalent to a celine dion music video, BUT mad props to their props. if you think 30 days of nights was a bad movie, then you deserve to get hit by a 4ton, but if otherwise...well..this movie is still not for you.. not much of a twist or at least what i expect from a plague-zombie-like movie. 4/10 i'd rate it and spunk all over the cd then consider to allow you to return it to me.

and couple a days ago, got a trooper sat down like cement to finish off an oriental halfsleeve which i was pretty bummed not to have the whole space of his arm to work with, but managed to squeeze in a couple waves here and there. not my style but im learning, cut me some slack ya. made benny and shawn and feka waited for me. sorry guys. thx raymond!!