Thursday, August 27, 2009


so here's a few new sketches i did out of boredom and frustration to draw as much as i can. but being the bum i am, that is very unlikely.. sooo what have i been up to lately besides molesting the guys at the shop with ave maria videos??? well..exciting skating and feroze rubbing his cock on my arm.

so enuf cock talk, here's them photos of them sketches. 



Sunday, August 23, 2009

ramblings from above sight. intro

i wish in alot of ways, that in a great near future, beyond everything realistic in my not so crucial time and space-of-being, i wud be having urges to put 'matters' aside and start writing again. and compiling or to so start a travel journal, being a thousand miles away from everything im familiar with, like comfort, to just vein out daily ramblings about bus stands or a bad batch of paint or people. taking everything in me to purely justify the existence of this human condition. which is now. out of nothing more than self-questioning. out of curiousity, and hate for those who valued nothing more than their gold. a fatigue of which i call the 'shit-bombed society'. a fear based mass of triads. and so it separates me.

as settling deeper in between the sleep state, grasping for total control and away from the shit-bombed society of mind destruction, i be lying on my death bed on my death day thinking, "shit, this mind had taken me into the abnormal, a state i chose to live in, choices i made in full conciousness' not forced, not because of fear. but to have heart. and to share. in respect for individuality. in pure happiness without regrets and uncertainty. in realizing, that wealth and a one-way-oriented life will be nothing more than a generalized paper-traded world of FAILING AND REBUILDING THE FAILED. and so i sleep in a rare peace of mind. because life is, in all truths, an empty room with invisible doors and visible exits. live life. and so be it. live life. tomorrow is uncertain and i wont be fuckin around the negative or pinching a hut under my guilts with regrets. cant be bothered in vengeance. so be true. be whatever u want to be, put yourself in risk and take pride of effort. appreacite life. and take hold of your own choices.

and so beginning this blog, an initial intention to start a website to publish the things that i do (tattooing,screen printing, etc) my trade, and the personal. just as random ramblings towards the scenic vulgar routine of my everyday life. showcasing the custom tattoos that people may not appreciate or understand and inspirations behind it all. the ideas and formality. shit-faced entertainment. shutting up all those who dictates what is different, who foresees something different with an automatic perception of it being 'wrong' or right'. i do not tattoo in a pattern or within a boxed-mentality where things should be in a certain way. i have my own vision and the people who come to me understand and appreciates that, and gives me artistic space to express that on their skin. and for that i am fortunate. 

so here's a big finger to those who care less to understand and  endulge and swallow and choke.

society is a fad. and so fakk it.