Thursday, December 2, 2010


ohh has it been the longest run of not being able to update this blog. was suppose to continue with more photos from my previous australian venture about 3 months ago, and got stuck 1st not being able to find even 10minutes off time to hop on the internet and binge on updating what i perceive as a personal disciplinary routine, 2nd im just getting too lazy. fuckin hell, feeling like a slob doesnt help at all. soooo, im upkeeping again!! yessss..but who gives 2 shits anyways. months has been like years sometimes, and years felt like days.

btw, tristan is 1 now! time flies like dust in a dormitory room. spent alot of time travelling to and fro singapore, hangin out with the think tattoo crew cock talking and furniture peeing. and ofcourse tatt zappin.

did a tour with our old buddies in driven fear, played 3 shows or the release of our new split ep "pale fate".

ohh and yesss the singapore convention is in about 7days! super pumped up to be participating in this show, cant wait!

so as promised, zeee fotoo from august, a quick run thru of what i did while working at progression.

did this on simone, an amazing soon-to-be tattooer and an artist. check out her work, spent about 9hours on this chap without flinching. a kitsune fighting a paper lantern ghost. and a few hours after, took me to see penguins in victor harbor! it was amazingggg, altho with my incapability to have good eyesight, struggled to find penguins the whole night. it was in the dark, a tour guided lady with a torchlight, i swear the only thing i could see was the cold air. but ofcourse i had to pretend they were cute. man i paid $12 bucks, gotta be worth something.

mr jamie (simone's bf), who is also a fucking ace tattooer, got this major cock fighting snake, jamie is a dragon born in the year of the rooster( hence the tattoo). a dragon because he showed no fear in my pain staking session, and also a dragon because he was tall as a mother. im asian and im considered 'tall' here, and he was at least 2miles taller than me. he wudve easily passed being white kobe bryant. love this guy, cooked me a meal in his awesome house, slept with his awesome dog for 8 hours and got insanely bakeddddd watching a quentin tarantino flick. 2 sessions in, still not complete. hopefully i can make a trip down to visit these lads again in 2011.

tiki owl on mr.steve.

did a few more tattoos but going thru a huge load of photos in my harddrive seems like too much hardwork now.

and here are a few photos of recent jobs i've done over the past few months being in kota kinabalu and singapore.

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