Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travel log 1: Radelaide! the taco australian adventures

it has been exactly 1 month since i left to the then-thought sunny state of australia: ADELAIDE! obviously i was shitting myself wrong, spewing over the fact that i didnt realise that it was freaking WINTER!! fuck a duck, coz the taco aint good with the cold. yupe, panzy point +1. only under 10degrees but still i was fakking up crawling like a new born wombat because i packed 1 jeans and 3 shorts. but it was all-in-all one of the best 3 weeks of my adult life. so this entry is going to be a pretty long read.

Worked at the super awesome PROGRESSION TATTOO , alongside the super-spastic Matt deverson AKA dragon tribal master! here's why? the eccentric komodo tribal dragon pose, one of the many sacred tribal pose matt whips out---> check out his work btw! dont worry, you wont find any tribal yingyangs in there. HAH! it was an honor! AND it goes to show how being an artist makes you good friends, coz i met matt 5years ago when he was over in borneo. and we kept intouch since. goodtimes!

and ofcourse there were too kind to let me stay with them, 3 mega-super thick quilts, wooden floors, and a heater was my home for 2 weeks. thank you mr & mrs deverson :) . not to forget their furry childrens lucas, leaia, and ....the cutest cat i've ever encountered in my journeys! :

to be honest i have never met cheekier dogs...wait, cheeky snoring dogs! than of lucas and leaia. besides snoring worse than my best friend jim, there are all about the snuggles...and UNDERWEAR EATING. yupe u heard me! thats how we bonded so well.

there wud've been no better way to authenticate a celebration of my first night in australia other than having THAI DINNER! ahh the amazing tanapa restaurant, where entrée's are as filling as a main dish, and restrooms are as long a walk than the chinese marathon. it was awesome, food was awesome, wine was exquisite. and also, meet jamie and simone!

so started off my guest spot with my first job, 10am, icy adelaide, of a severed nurse head on nathans hand. he was abit tanned (i use to think all australians are sun-burnt :S ), but it rocked out well!

i'll post up more works as we get along this travel log. mind you, im trying to keep things in sequence. so stay tuned soldiers.

so anyways, matt and his misses live in a picturesque small suburb, glenelg. just by the beach, and if u are as ignorant of an asian as i am, yes there are sharks! and no, shark attacks are super rare, and as WU-TANG CLAN says it best "shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga", well i dont really see how dat applies or justify shark attacks, but i just thought it was appropriate to quote. so fakk your couch! HAH!

Travel log 2: MAIL-BURN! the taco australian adventure

a week long after working full-on at the progression tattoo headquarters, we sneaked on a few cheap tiger airways plane tix for a quick holiday-in-a-holiday to: MELBOURNE! mainly to watch the awesome canadian based hip-hop act 'K-OS' gig. and yes, it was cold-ER, ahh the miserable weather that is winter. and taxi's in melbourne is def a richmans transport mode, it was the equivalent amount of all our 3 flights put together. well im obviously exaggerating but it came close! ! and they was a service charge! so the next time youre NOT visiting melbourne and in a taxi, shake your asian taxi drivers hand for not being in melbourne.

if i had to narrow down one thing i love most about melbourne, it'd be the architecture! well ofcourse besides lord of the fries.

spent an amazing 24 hours in melbourne! had awesome vegan burgers, and spent a fortune on books in metropolis. then flew back to the not-sunny-at-all adelaide!

stay tuned for travel log 3!