Saturday, June 26, 2010

Really..hungovers arent cool anymore.

so im still in KL. yupe. was suppose to be back home right now, my misses got called for work last minute so we had to postpone out trip to monday. ahhh the inconsiderate multicorporations. aint cool.

feka left to the airport and i caught the next cab to benny's studio. ok one thing that you have to agree with me which is really fucked up in KL is the taxis. u'd either get ripped off or dropped off 2 miles away from the dropping point, snakes i tell you. so this time it was to my suprise, a real nice taxi driver. he charged me 50cents less! yess you heard me, it is that big of a deal here that i would take 15 seconds of your time about it!! its ridiculous.

so anyways did a small tattoo then had a massive feed with the boys, porkchops never tasted better, 22 bucks not the best cut but still was pretty decent, then that sorta leaded to a massive drinking nite with an irish mate and 2 other good friends from sabah, several floors covered in taco joe's vomit residue, literally crawled up to our condo and spawned to bed waking up the next day feeling like a bashed pineapple. its been awhile since i've been drinking this much, probly since hongkong in march (props to julia&ross and the never disappointing band in wanchai), and finally once since birth, I DIDNT LOOSE ANYTHING!! YESSS!!

sobered up and remembered i was suppose to do guest vocals for thanesh's band, CORPORATE YOUTH. check them out! its rare you find a decent punk band in malaysia. they're either try-hards or obviously insincere. or trying hard to fit in the trend and play depressing hardcore. well i guess its always that case in every scene. sooooo finished the vocals and managed to write the lyrics for my part in an hour right before recording. i have this weird habit of writing songs last minute. like literally hours before recording! its not the best way but it works for me, so fuck you. haha.

in case you were wondering what i wrote for my part in their song, here is:

"And the better part of days is the wrinkled eyes from the glaring sun, the visual sore of my trembling heart, over pounding, over patient, over violent
Then I let go all the motions, I obeyed the weak, the masses curse over what my heart tells me to, so I plummet in regret, in strenght still a finger to the manner.
I fell down and felt my knees chuckling over my defeat , over all that I devote for, the compassion and the gruesome grip of trying again. I learn and persevere."

adios muchachos.

Monday, June 21, 2010


so im currently at mcdonalds, having my big breakfast (which to me really is overrated, it isnt big at all), and if you know me well enough, its very very unlikely that i eat mcdonalds. well for obvious reasons, its shit! i dont like the burgers and i dont agree how some people are truly hooked on it. so im still in singapore killing time to catch the first bus over to KL to spend a few days with the misses before we fly back to see my numero uno tristan (shit they really grow damn fast). was looking forward to a big feed tonite at newton before i leave, but shit happened and feroze's batmobile broke down! again! apparently the belting snapped on his renault, and its as important as a penis in sexual intercourse. everyone was in a bad mood, 3am. suckss. good way to finish off with a blog.

anyways, i've been keeping too busy lately to even be bothered to go online, what more the blog!! damnn but i took a vow, and yes for the millionth fragment of my ambitious devotion, i never really got to it. so im gonna make this one a long one.

so alas, been working the past week at think tattoos. if you havent heard or know how awesome is think tattoos, get off the crucifix and put a noose over your neck, coz its soo awesome! elson (the owner) is an amazing tattooer, he has crazy perspectives on each piece he does, its super inspiring, hence the huge honor working alongside him. so i managed to pull a couple cool jobs in the past week, managed to finish off bruce's chest piece!! which in much anticipation isnt done yet, but thank you super juice! i started this a couple weeks back. basically a victorian style framed-old clock, with roses that emerged into his nipples. all freehanded and im super psyched to get it totally done.

second sitting

freehand 1st session.

then i did a couple tattoos that was almost fairly fun, this rose on a anchorlady of primetime vietnam news channel!! haha, altho i didnt understand a word they tried to convey, i managed to figure out that pakraktungtunghaiinum means A ROSE. so yeah pulled this off with elson's 'dodgy grey juice' which i think made the rose pretty sweet.

and did peony flowers as a lovely customers first tattoo, which is also a substitute for a handshake with a note that states 'welcome to the other side!'. she was a trooper, which subsequently brought a disgusting turbine of emotions regarding my soon-to-be neck piece. if you ever had been tattooed by me, this wud be payback time! hah! elson please lay your merciful hands not the cyberpunk side that is the creature you are haha.

OHHHHHHH ANDDDD I HAD MY FIRST EVER FATHERS DAY!! it wasnt spent the best way i agree (i was 10'000miles away from my son and tattooing), but i know all im doing now is for him. it sucks the big one when im far away from him, almost a month now. its driving me pretty nuts. oh well, i just hope all this will pay off oneday. i get frustrated everytime i try to think about how fast they grow, babies are awesome, and being a young dad makes it awesomer. tristan is amazing and i can say that he made me see alot of things as clear as a lense shine. he is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. mannn imagine picking him up from school oneday, or buying his first skateboard. too many things im too anxious to do, and thinking back, how 8 months flew like that, its pretty scary. its true, tattooing takes up your life and time flies twice as fast. its been 6 months now i've been on the road, and it feels kinda serine sometimes that i question alot of things. it has its toll when youre over passionate over something. oh well. albeit life. here's tristan, my numero uno:

i'll be seeing you in a few days!! days are longer when i think about it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so spent my last few days in kuala lumpur with my misses and hanged at long & hard tattoos, its a real nice place altho cab fares are a fakkin killer!! made friends with a tiny glider (linus bha nama dia), altho i dont find small pets amusing at all, but this one's pretty okay. so lastnite i tattooed benny's hand, was real fun and a huge honor considering he's a good tattooer and quite of an old timer.

last nite in kuala lumpur, tomoro back to singapore. THINK TATTOOS!!! hopefully i can get my neck tattooed in the next week, and the taco isnt good friends with pain at all. thats gonna be fun for elson.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

JUNE 2010

so its obviously been too long since i last updated this blog, i practically dont remember even having one. its crazy at how much i slack. but im trying my best to keep this as updated as possible from now on, since i cant afford a domain name coz im punk like that haha.

so how much has happened since september 09? well i still dont have HIV or herpes or a permanent abdominal disfunction ir a rectum disease, and thats always good. got a new proper camera (altho i still feel terrible about loosing nic's camera in brisbane, sorry my friend), did a couple guest spots, visited the wonderful julia in hongkong and tattooed her head (still an honor!), drank a million beers, tristan's 8 months old!, adjusting to being a father, my studio got broken into, still an asshole, THINK TATTOOS (fakk yeah), and im currently in kuala lumpur sitting in kenny rogers stealing internet frm mcdonalds coz i hate their burgers.

i wont blab as much but here's some work i've done in the past month, thx for re-living my demented visions on your skins for life!

click to enlarge image.