Saturday, June 12, 2010

JUNE 2010

so its obviously been too long since i last updated this blog, i practically dont remember even having one. its crazy at how much i slack. but im trying my best to keep this as updated as possible from now on, since i cant afford a domain name coz im punk like that haha.

so how much has happened since september 09? well i still dont have HIV or herpes or a permanent abdominal disfunction ir a rectum disease, and thats always good. got a new proper camera (altho i still feel terrible about loosing nic's camera in brisbane, sorry my friend), did a couple guest spots, visited the wonderful julia in hongkong and tattooed her head (still an honor!), drank a million beers, tristan's 8 months old!, adjusting to being a father, my studio got broken into, still an asshole, THINK TATTOOS (fakk yeah), and im currently in kuala lumpur sitting in kenny rogers stealing internet frm mcdonalds coz i hate their burgers.

i wont blab as much but here's some work i've done in the past month, thx for re-living my demented visions on your skins for life!

click to enlarge image.

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