Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travel log 2: MAIL-BURN! the taco australian adventure

a week long after working full-on at the progression tattoo headquarters, we sneaked on a few cheap tiger airways plane tix for a quick holiday-in-a-holiday to: MELBOURNE! mainly to watch the awesome canadian based hip-hop act 'K-OS' gig. and yes, it was cold-ER, ahh the miserable weather that is winter. and taxi's in melbourne is def a richmans transport mode, it was the equivalent amount of all our 3 flights put together. well im obviously exaggerating but it came close! ! and they was a service charge! so the next time youre NOT visiting melbourne and in a taxi, shake your asian taxi drivers hand for not being in melbourne.

if i had to narrow down one thing i love most about melbourne, it'd be the architecture! well ofcourse besides lord of the fries.

spent an amazing 24 hours in melbourne! had awesome vegan burgers, and spent a fortune on books in metropolis. then flew back to the not-sunny-at-all adelaide!

stay tuned for travel log 3!

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