Monday, July 5, 2010

coo-allah-loom-puor. yes folks, im still here.

heres a quick post update, still in kl, moved to a much much further townhouse( le fotos soon!) hence the future extensive rants about taxi drivers in KL, watched 'the crazies' which was disappointing. i mean the idea behind the movie was althou over-done, it was pretty good. acting almost as bad as 'the happening', gore scenes are the equivalent to a celine dion music video, BUT mad props to their props. if you think 30 days of nights was a bad movie, then you deserve to get hit by a 4ton, but if otherwise...well..this movie is still not for you.. not much of a twist or at least what i expect from a plague-zombie-like movie. 4/10 i'd rate it and spunk all over the cd then consider to allow you to return it to me.

and couple a days ago, got a trooper sat down like cement to finish off an oriental halfsleeve which i was pretty bummed not to have the whole space of his arm to work with, but managed to squeeze in a couple waves here and there. not my style but im learning, cut me some slack ya. made benny and shawn and feka waited for me. sorry guys. thx raymond!!

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