Monday, September 14, 2009


Im back on blogspot to waste 15minutes of my life to figure out how to upload photos and resize them. too hard for me. well anyways, i've been doing a few cool pieces lately, but some of the photos are not taken with my camera and so i have to wait for clients to send them in in order for me to sort my freakin life out. so here's a script i did 2 days ago on a lovely client tess tay, venutas immortalis. i think it means the immortality of beauty within in latin. it measn what it says, so no need for me to test my english vocab and explain it. and also a stoner smiley on a stoner guy who doesnt really speak dat much english. the only thing i understood from him was 'weed' and 'diarrhea'? so dat was a fun piece, really small space rite above the pubic area. oh and btw, check out coz we have some updates on the website and also promotions. come check it out.



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